We started baking for two reasons: we wanted really good baked goods and we wanted to help our community.

We bake everything fresh each day to order, always from top ingredients and a focus on quality. Inspired by the delis of New York and bakeries of London, we strive to create a new experience for those who have never tried these bakes, as well as a taste of home for those with nostalgia.

We are committed to giving back, and donate a minumum of 10%, often more, to help those impacted by Covid-19. To date, we have sponsored the full pay of our building cleaner since March, who was unable to earn a living when the pandemic hit, as well as donated to orgaziations who rescue and foster dogs. As we grow, this will remain essential to our DNA. Any donations added to your order are paid 100% to causes of your choosing


From the oven

Our daily menu consists of bagels – real NYC style bagels – either as they are or prepared along with cream cheeses, lemongrass cured lox salmon, salt beef and much more, as well as a variety of toppings you can combine as you wish. These can be accompanied by our deli potato salad or soup of the day, and topped off with one of our many deserts!

We have a selection of sweet bakes including our ever popular cinnamon rolls, banana bread, chocolate cheese cake and more regional bakes such as hot cross buns, crumpets and English muffins. Please check back regularly for special guests which are regularly added and featured in our social media on a daily basis.

We can make almost any dish vegan, vegetarian or free-from on request, and where eggs are used we only use free range organic.

All packaging is sustainable where possible and we aim to be 1oo% plastic free in 2021.

Please contact us with any special requests, and as always suggstions welcome!